Re: [MH-list] Speeding [was: cruise control, is it worth it?]

Duncan in Bideford <duncan@...>

But I always want to beat Tom Tom!!
So do I, Peter, but the neighbours complain about the noise!

But, back to the topic....

It is true that ACPO guideline is 10% + 2 mph and this is generally the standard. However, at an advanced driving group meeting, we were told that this guideline is overruled on certain stretches of road for any of several reasons including collision record, proximity to sensitive locations (schools, hospitals, etc.), local campaigns....

On those occasions, the penalty speed may be reduced right down to just above the posted limit. As has already been said, a speedometer is not allowed to under read so whenever a penalty is imposed it follows that the vehicle instrumentation was reading at or above the recorded speed.


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