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Will continental pharmacies fill UK prescriptions?
Interesting question because the rules are about to change here on Monday!!

From November 3rd UK law will allow the dispensing of EEA and Swiss prescriptions. I'm not sure if this is reciprocal - most likely not. They would however be treated as private prescriptions with the full cost payable.

To get back to the original question:

1. Talk to doctor and explain situation again - with a lot of grovelling. If still unwilling ask if he/she would supply pre-dated prescriptions.
2. Talk to your friendly local pharmacist and ask if
He/she would consider dispensing the prescriptions in advance (and submitting them on the correct date) - this would very much depend on what was prescribed.
3. Continue to request your repeat prescriptions by post when you are away and ask that they are sent to a pharmacy - have an arrangement with that pharmacy to post them to you at specific campsite addresses. You pay the postage.
4. Find out how much they would cost privately - if the medication is cheap ask the Dr for a private prescription and pay for it.

We would offer option 3 or 4. Give me a call. If you email me details of your medication to my work email I can tell you what we would charge for a private prescription.

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