Re: [MH-list] ot grouply contact


In a message dated 29/10/2008 17:02:07 GMT Standard Time, writes:

Has anyone else been invited to become 'a friend' on Grouply by someone
calling himself
'taff' without being known to them in any way other than through motorhome
list (I gather)?

I'm not very comfortable about this kind of unsolicited approach from
someone I don't know,
any opinions or advice?


I would asume such people are trying to start a general chat group. I think
the site owner gets first pickings of any spare talent....but I may be doing
him an injustice.

I once managed to find myself a member of such a group, three men (including
the owner and myself) and hundreds of mature/elderly women. All very
sensible and decent, but all in USA. I had to leave! Anything up to 200 mails each
morning, same in the evening. All wishing each other a "happy day". My delete
key was red-hot. Pity, there WERE some sensible people in the group.


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