Re: cruise control, is it worth it?


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The reason I had to calibrate it correctly was because I made a big
mistake by having Dave Newell install it. He does not know how to
do it
and also does not supply the customer information document.

Fortunately I was advised of this by the main supplier.

If you are interested in the quality of Dave Newell's work, look on
list's website files download page. I've placed there three files.

Also a picture in the Photos section. Note the method used to
mount the
units on the dashboard - inferior double sided tape. In the top
corner can be seen the Garmin GPS mount that is also stuck with
sided tape. It's been there almost six years with a heavy GPSr and
less than 6 days!

As John Young wrote, "Others may have different opinions."

You decide, by looking at examples of his work.

Reg, i know that you have a "bit of a rumpus" over some work done for
you by Dave but from what i have read on this and other forums where
i posted the same question the general opinion is that is work is as
good as anybody else.Not wanting to get involved in your dispute, if
it is still going on, i will forget the bits about Dave and just
stick to the relevent bits of your reply


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