Re: cruise control, is it worth it?

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Bertie you wrote:-

I am considering having cruise control fitted, £350ish, is it money
well spent or purely a luxury I can do without
Is it a luxury? - well only you can decide. I've had it fitted and
after I'd calibrated it correctly, I find it a significant aid to

I have the extra memory unit that holds an extra three preset speeds,
which can be reset at any time. They are set to 30mph, 40mph and 55mph.
So the first two stop me from exceeding speed limits, which is so
difficult these days, with so many signs and some that appear to be
somewhat 'hidden'.

When you try to drive at a set speed, it is easy to gradually increase
your speed as others change their speeds. (Don't want to be over taken
by a MH!!!) CC will stop you increasing your speed.

On motorways etc there are two problems.

Too many vehicles overtake, pull in front of you, then slow down. With
CC you have to disengage it by pressing the break peddle. Without CC,
you just slow slightly.

LCVs are limited to about 56mph. If you travel just below this speed,
say 50mph , then they take a long time to pass and then pull in front of
you, too close and into your 'safety zone'.

However, these problems can be overcome and overall I consider CC to be
an advantage.

The reason I had to calibrate it correctly was because I made a big
mistake by having Dave Newell install it. He does not know how to do it
and also does not supply the customer information document.

Fortunately I was advised of this by the main supplier.

If you are interested in the quality of Dave Newell's work, look on the
list's website files download page. I've placed there three files.

Also a picture in the Photos section. Note the method used to mount the
units on the dashboard - inferior double sided tape. In the top right
corner can be seen the Garmin GPS mount that is also stuck with double
sided tape. It's been there almost six years with a heavy GPSr and not
less than 6 days!

As John Young wrote, "Others may have different opinions."

You decide, by looking at examples of his work.


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