Re: cruise control, is it worth it?

rmoore2222 <rmoore2222@...>

I purchased and had fitted a cruise control for a 3 year old Pilote
from Conrad Anderson in Birmingham. Very efficient company. It's
excellent, wouldn't do without it now.


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automatic 1998 Hymer S660 (Sprinter based). MB can't help and
all the
independent suppliers I have approached either don't bother to
reply or
else can't help. If anybody has any suggestions, they will be
gratefully received. I live near Barcelona but visit the UK on a
regular basis.
Are they worth it? Definitely yes but, in my opinion, should be
with a great deal of caution, it at all, in typical urban traffic


Have you tried Conrad Anderson? I've seen their after-market
cruise control
at a couple of MH shows.



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