Re: [MH-list] Re: cruise control, is it worth it?

B WEBB <woodlake21rry@...>

That explains a lot and has removed my confusion about urban v
motorway driving. I do quite a lot of the latter so it looks as though
I can leave it while I go to make a cup of tea. {;-}


Barry Webb

On 28 Oct 2008, at 22:30, Colin Mitchell wrote:

factory units may be different but in all my experience, cruise
units will not work below a factory pre-set speed which is usually
about 30/35mph. Accordingly, if you have set the unit to 'cruise' at
30mph and click in at say 10mph, the unit will not work. On the
otherhand, if you set the 'cruise' speed to (say) 50mph, having
previously travelled at that speed, and subsequently click in at or
above the minimum factory pre-set speed, the vehicle will accelerate
again to 50mph. In most cases the control button or stock can be used
as an accelerator to raise your speed to the desired level as an
alternative to using your foot, but only after you have passed the
factory pre-set minimum speed.
I would also add that despite my years of using cruise controls, I
avoid using them in urban areas or in any situation where traffic
density is relatively high. I just don't feel comfortable or safe for
that matter.

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