Re: [MH-list] cruise control, is it worth it?

Peter S

Heck as like! :-)) How else would they know?
Some cars have a kind of black box and there could be the possibility that
the police could get access and see what you have been doing. See

Even the key for my car records any faults and service requirements - the
garage don't even have to plug into the car to see what if anything has gone
wrong. So what else is available from the ca's computers?

Peter S

Hi Ernie,

I understand the ban was put in place a few years ago to try and stop some
of the multiple truck pile ups . It appears some drivers were falling
at the wheel and running off the motorways at full throttle.

I also understand that the authorities can tell by checking the tacho to
if the cruise control is/was in use.

Maybe Keith can tell us whether VOSA can tell by checking the tacho if a
vehicle is using a cruise control or not.


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