Re: [MH-list] Solar Water Heating

Ernest <ernb@...>

On 28/10/08 10:38, "Neill King (MH-List)" <>

Isn't the problem here that these solar heating panels or tubes are
(usually/always?) a separate heating circuit with a heat exchanger to
transfer the heat to clean water? In a motorhome the penalty of all that
plumbing permanently filled with water could be a serious drawback.
Weight is a problem, but only while on the move, Neill, but what are we
talking about? I assume that, like me, most MHers do their ablutions and
washing up in the minimum amount of water. I was thinking that a single
tube, 1M long x 80mm dia. would hold about 5L of water. 5Kg. If considered
too heavy for a MH roof, it could be easily drained off or even put back
into the water tank.

Also, I do not think that any unnecessary plumbing, extra pumps or
electronics would be involved. Simply divert the cold water feed from the
Truma or whatever, to the tube inlet, then open the hot tap until water
comes out. The tube on the roof is then full, ready for the sun.

The advantage of a tube, btw, is that it it has the best chance of being
normal to the sun's rays. Park N-S and the tube will start heating water
from dawn on.

I might give it a go some time. My big problem is getting access to the
roof. That is why I mounted my solar panel in the wrong place.

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