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Kieth, with regards toheadlights, european / UK.
I am given to understand that there are two types, Asymetrical (UK) and
Symetrical (EU).
From this I would suggest that the UK ones are set to the left on dip whilst
the EU ones look straight ahead.
Do you know anything about this or am I just guessing.
Johnny from Donny

John Young


Hello John - long time no hear:))

100% correct - the UK type have a kick up to the left, whilst the EU type
are flat topped. I'm reliably informed by our testers that they will not fail a
vehicle for having EU (flat topped) headlamps fitted when tested.

The pre "smiley face" Hymers didn't all have round headlamps, it was so much
easier to change bulbs or even replace the complete lamp unit, 'cos they
used the vehicle manufacturers original healamps, then along came the smiley's
with the small round headlamps - oh b**g*r, still makes for an interesting
hour or so getting the liner out - unfortunately it seems to take longer to
refit it properly, hence the suggestion that a flap is cut in the front of the
liner at headlamp level. HTH


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