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Hi Ernie,

Thanks for your suggestions. I will ruminate on all this for a bit,
and meanwhile set my husband onto following the links to these magin
Efoy cell thingies.


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We're in Bulgaria now and finding it difficult to get hook ups.
Has anyone got
any knowledge, opinions, or informayion about the viability of a
650 watt
generator for battery top-up?
Any port in a storm, as they say. The perennial problems with
are, without doubt, noise and security. Even if you have no
neighbours to
complain, the noise is disturbing for yourselves. If it's a
temporary need,
then you will put up with it. if you are full-timing then I would
three solutions.

Fit a bulk gas tank and get one of the relatively quiet gennies
converted to
run on propane and build it into the gas locker. Secure and ready
to use.

Install an Efoy fuel cell. See: -

Or fit a Self Energy EG-20 12V Generator. See: - http://


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