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John Young

Kieth, with regards toheadlights, european / UK.
I am given to understand that there are two types, Asymetrical (UK) and Symetrical (EU).
From this I would suggest that the UK ones are set to the left on dip whilst the EU ones look straight ahead.
Do you know anything about this or am I just guessing.
Johnny from Donny

John Young

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Is this the easiest method of chaning over to lights dipping to the left for
a left hand drive Hymer?

'Easiest way is to remove the road wheel on that side (make sure you use an
axle stand for safety), take out the inner wing liner (lots of screws), you
can then get straight at the headlamp / bulb holders.'



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Yes it is, you can get at the screws which secure the headlamp in either LH
or RH dip position - if you look from the rear (under the wing) you'll see
two screws and three holes - one of which is elongated. Remove the
non-elongated screw, loosen off the one in the elongated slot - twist the headlamp to the
other end of the slot, insert the screw you removed earlier into the third
screw hole. It should line up with the same hole in the surround from which it
was originally removed.

The same advice regarding cutting a square out of the liner applies - you
can then cthe bulb or re-align the dip as and when required. (Secure the flap
of plastic with a hinge and cover the cut edges with gaffer tape to prevent
water/muck ingress - do make sure you clean all the dirt off the plastic
otherwise the gaffer tape will not stick properly)



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