Re: [MH-list] cruise control, is it worth it?

John Young

Hi Bertie,
Had Cruise Control fitted earlier this year. Have found it to be very useful but does take a little getting used to sometimes. As most people have commented, Ideal for longer runs, not much use in traffic.
I had the ZT35M fitted by Dave Newell. It has 2 pre-set settings but I haven't tried using these yet. As Ernie says they could well be useful. Will get round to learning how to set them one day. Dave did set them as part of the installation but I can't remember what he set them at and so have not tried them.
I think that if it is worth it or not depends on what you intend to do. If long runs, go for it. If only tootling about, spend the money on beer or some such.LOL.
Hope to see you about soon.
P.S. Dave did a good job so would recommend. Others may have different opinions.

Johnny from Donny
John Young

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From: theberties <>
Subject: [MH-list] cruise control, is it worth it?
Date: Tuesday, 28 October, 2008, 3:35 PM

I am considering having cruise control fitted, £350ish, is it money
well spent or purely a luxury I can do without


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