Re: cruise control, is it worth it?


I first had a cruise control in a Maxi in the 70's and have used them
ever since. The trigger to getting one was rheumatoid arthritis which
is now not too bad. Many cars come with them as standard of course but
I had one on the previous motorvan and have one on the present
Carthago. I used them when towing a caravan and it sometimes stays
untouched for some hours. Simply would not be without one. They do not
work much below 30mph to avoid problems with pressing the button in an
automatic at idle etc. I do use the up and down buttons to keep
distance on motoways etc.

J T webb

--- In, "theberties" <theberties@...>

I am considering having cruise control fitted, £350ish, is it money
well spent or purely a luxury I can do without


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