Re: [MH-list] cruise control, is it worth it?

Peter S

The switch should have a resume button which will take you up to your
previously set speed. However the cruise on my Fiat switches off (but
maintains the speed setting) when the clutch is depressed so accelerating
and changing gear would just switch it off. Also the cruise can only be set
over a certain speed - I can't remember what it is though. I feel that
cruise only comes into its own when there is a likelihood of being able to
keep to a set speed for a reasonable distance and not in traffic where speed
is constantly changing - others differ as below.

The quickest way to switch cruise off is to touch the brake pedal but this
has the disadvantage of illuminating the brake lights that may give the
wrong impression to a driver behind.

Peter S

Due to a serious fall I'm becoming very arthritic in the spine, hips
and knees so have been considering cruise control but was unsure about
urban driving which is where the disadvantage is at its worst. How
does the acceleration work from say traffic lights if you set the
control to 28-30? How about if the traffic is crawling do you set it
to lower speeds? I can see how knocking it out would work quite
quickly. Or do you accelerate to the desired speed whatever that may
be and then set it.

On 28/10/08 16:33, "Don Madge" <> wrote:

With a bit of observation, anticipation and forward planning it
can be done.

I use cruise all the time, and that includes town driving. I can see
some would think that one is not properly in control, although how,
is harder to pin down. I set cruise to 28 to 30 mph, and just go.
the brake or flicking the paddle stick down knocks it off
immediately, and
adjusting the speed to suit traffic flow takes no more thought or
than using one's foot. It is simply another way to drive.

I realise some folk get their kicks out of pedalling their way about
like organists with St Vitus dance, but I am past all that. Like I
said, the
little black box works like a dream.


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