Re: [MH-list] cruise control, is it worth it?

Peter S

and had to adjust the speed a couple of times using the
plus/minus buttons. I was travelling about 62/63 MPH.

I have cruise control on a car and most of my friends, colleagues and even
family are astonished when I mention +/- control!!
I find that I can regulate speed with foot in heavier traffic better than
using the +/- so tend to use it only on less congested roads. I would have
thought that a slight lifting of the right foot was quicker and finer than
using the switch but obviously you find different. I agree re ABS as I have
been taught cadence breaking but it is nowhere as near as effective as the
electronic version. However, I used cruise for many many miles without
having to adjust anything across Belgium and Germany on our recent trip.

In fact there is a ban in Belgium at certain times:-

"The AA Motoring Trust has issued a warning to business drivers that
Belgian road authorities have introduced a new road sign banning the use of
cruise control on congested motorways. The easily identifiable signs have
appeared on motorways leading to Antwerp and the Ghent-Brussels highway
during roadworks. If caught, drivers face a 50 [euro] on-the-spot fine."

I was aware of this as I had seen signs on previous trips but saw none this
time. Mind you near Brussels on Saturday morning they hadn't finished the
overnight roadworks so cruise was no use in the hour long jam. An automatic
would have been preferable.

Peter S

Also the idea that "I can do that" is fallacious - as with ABS brakes,
panel tracking, etc., the constant, fine and sometimes ultra quick
adjustments made by the machine are extraordinary when compared with
~actual~ human behaviour.

Best regards

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