Re: [MH-list] cruise control, is it worth it?

Ernest <ernb@...>

On 28/10/08 16:33, "Don Madge" <> wrote:

With a bit of observation, anticipation and forward planning it can be done.
I use cruise all the time, and that includes town driving. I can see where
some would think that one is not properly in control, although how, exactly,
is harder to pin down. I set cruise to 28 to 30 mph, and just go. Touching
the brake or flicking the paddle stick down knocks it off immediately, and
adjusting the speed to suit traffic flow takes no more thought or effort
than using one's foot. It is simply another way to drive.

I realise some folk get their kicks out of pedalling their way about town
like organists with St Vitus dance, but I am past all that. Like I said, the
little black box works like a dream.

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