Re: [MH-list] cruise control, is it worth it?

Ernest <ernb@...>

On 28/10/08 15:35, "theberties" <> wrote:

I am considering having cruise control fitted, £350ish, is it money
well spent or purely a luxury I can do without.
I hired a 312 for a couple of days to clear my father's house. It was one of
the most painful experiences of my life. 55 miles up the M4 and I had to
stop for the pain in my right leg. Driving flat out is easy, its trying to
keep to 50 or 60 that got me. In the end, I drove with my heel resting on a
book, but it only went part way to easing the pain. So I resolved that
Tempomat (Cruise control) was top of my wish list for my new MH.

Five years and 45,000 miles on and cruise control, along with SprintShift,
have made driving a pleasure. A very relaxed way to drive. Especially on
motorways and those long, straight Routes Nationale.

BTW, I thought that using the two devices together would be wasteful of
fuel, but that is not so. This is clear from monitoring the LOD or engine
loading figures on the ScanGauge. My 316 accelerates smoothly and moderately
with an LOD readout invariably below 80%. And trying to change gears
manually doesn't help at all. Mercedes's little black box does a wonderful
job when left to do its own thing.



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