Re: [MH-list] cruise control, is it worth it?

Paul Ramwell <paul_ramwell@...>

Not sure there is a need to cause offence to people to rattle a few cages! I
think its more about personal driving preferences than inadequacy.

I am an avid user of cruise control – and make fullest use of it – but I can
understand why people would choose not to use it rather than constantly
using and resuming!

Just because people have different preferences to you does not mean they are


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On Tues 28 October 2008 15:35 Bertie wrote

I am considering having cruise control fitted, £350ish, is it money
well spent or purely a luxury I can do without
Hi Bertie,

Due to age and disability I could not do the long trips across Europe that I
do with out cruise control.

I also use it a lot in the UK. The people who say it's a waste of time here
are just showing how inadequate they are as drivers.

I recently drove home from the Malvern Show and got on to the M5 about 10.30
am from there it was motorway/dual carriageway all the way home. I stayed in
5th all the way and had to adjust the speed a couple of times using the
plus/minus buttons. I was travelling about 62/63 MPH.

With a bit of observation, anticipation and forward planning it can be done.

That should rattle the bars on a few cages.

Safe travelling.


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