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sunny days in a UK winter can produce amazingly
hot water. That is why I believe that domestic solar water heating is the
best way to go to head off global warming.

I'd certainly agree with that. Despite the immediate appeal of free
electricity from Solar energy their use is far from entirely green when you
consider the resources used in their manufacture to make something that is
only 10-15% efficient. Great for a motorhome but I believe rather more
doubtful on a domestic scale (but better again on a larger scale with solar
towers and mirror farms).

I did come across a 6' long single tube heater developed in the US for about
£130, but I have lost the link. ... & others

Isn't the problem here that these solar heating panels or tubes are
(usually/always?) a separate heating circuit with a heat exchanger to
transfer the heat to clean water? In a motorhome the penalty of all that
plumbing permanently filled with water could be a serious drawback.

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