Re: [MH-list] Solar Water Heating

Ernest <ernb@...>

On 28/10/08 08:58, "" <> wrote:

reminds me very much of the "camping shower" black bags ... We also have our
own solar powered warm water - clear lemonade bottles refilled with water and
left on the dashboard ...
All very true, except that sunny days in a UK winter can produce amazingly
hot water. That is why I believe that domestic solar water heating is the
best way to go to head off global warming. On another list, someone reported
that a system in the Western Isles of Scotland had produced hot water in the

(think Carol gave that tip on the list a couple of years ago - thanks)
Yes, it was Carol, and it does work. Especially if the bottles are painted
matt black. But just think, having something on a MH roof looking like, say,
5 or 6 of those bottles. I am sure that it would work. And work well.

I did come across a 6' long single tube heater developed in the US for about
£130, but I have lost the link.

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