Re: [MH-list] Barbeques...and difficulty posting

Ralph <ralph.burtonshaw@...>

One thing to be careful of is your e-mail address. If you have more than one
account set up then make sure you select the one registered with Yahoo when
sending. If not then the mail doesn't bounce, it just disappears.
Having said that, it would affect the other list as well so I suppose it's
not the answer in your case.

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Subject: [MH-list] Barbeques...and difficulty posting

Hi everyone. Thanks for allyour help re BBQ's. Actually I got a shock
to see my message, I've been trying to join in the chat for weeks but
my messages never appear.I tried to reply to Hilary but that didn't
show either.I have sent messages to and fro to Yahoo, and checked I
am doing everything right. The other list I have joined, there's no
problem. At least now I know it's not really are a

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