Re: [MH-list] stolen motorhome

Michael Hambleton

Hi Sue,
It´s a left hand drive, 1997 Fiat Hymer C644, reg No P992 EAB, usual white colour, dimpled bodywork, stickers all on the rear, inc union jack, Trakvision dome satellite on the right hand side of roof, rear ladder, roof rack, solar panel on roof, and a sticker called ´HYLDA´ in pink on top of ´HYMER´ front of top bunk, and at the rear on top of ´Hymer´. Big GB, IRL, GBJ, F stickers on the rear panel. 
No wheel trims, 6.8m long, 3m high, 2.6m wide, 101,000kms on clock, towbar, bike rack, 2 electric socket covers on the right hand side. A bit of black duct tape on the right rear side, about half way up
Dog - 11 year old alsatian/collie cross, answers to the name of ´LILY´
Cat - 15 year old tri colour tabby, answers to the name of ´HOLLY´ 
I can send some pics if it will help, don´t have many as laptop stolen too, with all photos on.
Many thanks to all.
Mike H.
Also have the microchip numbers for the two of them :-
Dog - 9851 400 0030 5157
Cat - 9851 400 0050 2578

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