Re: [MH-list] Website for expats worldwide with a free magazine to download

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Hi Louisa,

This is to let you know where I'm coming from: I've been driving
websites for the past fifteen years from handwritten HTML through
Dreamweaver 3 to the current CS3 version 9.

1. I know current fashion is for the black pages but there are people
with eye problems who cannot cope with the contrast.
2. I lost count of the number of links that came up with error message
3. Finally I had a message from Synthasite sayjng site being
republished blah, blah. then became a sales attempt for free websites
and no matter what I tried I could not get back to your home page.

I think the idea is good but the execution droops somewhat. Most
decent ISPs include a reasonable amount of free webspace in your shoes
I'd move to someone like Clara

Barry Webb

Writer & Stock Photographer

3 Coed-y-Llyn
Cardiff CF23 6HR


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