Website for expats worldwide with a free magazine to download

Louisa Livingstone

Hi Fred and Phil

Clearly the website isnt to your taste, but then you cant please
and I wouldnt expect to.
Robert Budd added
I regret that I can find nothing positive to say about the >site either. I tried the link to the free magazines and it >didn't work.
Thankyou for the constructive feedback Robert, maybe youd like to say which link doesnt work since I dont know of one that doesnt, and nobody else has mentioned this. Perhaps your pc or connection is not working?

Im not quite sure what the purpose of this 'feedback' is, apart from forming what appears more like a misogyny convention! LOL

Plenty of people are enjoying their free current UK magazine downloads, free music, free videos, free films etc so its a shame youre not, but then as I said you cant please everyone.


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