Re: Re thenew website fore expats worldwide

Robert Budd <RobertBudd@...>

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Hi Fred and Phil

Clearly the website isn´t to your taste, but then you can´t please
and I wouldn´t expect to.
I regret that I can find nothing positive to say about the site
either. I tried the link to the free magazines and it didn't work. I
trawled around the TV section but all I could get was an audio-only
version of yesterday's BBC London news. The pages of text are really
difficult to read; it's hard to find where the hyperlinks are - often
you're told to click on a "banner" which either doesn't seem to exist,
is miles down the page or which just doesn't work.

To me it goes to show that to look professional you need to spend a
little money on professional design and presentation.


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