Re: [MH-list] MS Patch urgent

Ernest <ernb@...>

On 24/10/08 08:56, "Brian Jones" <> wrote:

Sorry this is a long item but it just came into my inbox as part of a
regular mailing. I thougth it imporant enough to pass on, especailly
if you dont have automatic updates from MS
These sincere recommendations to patch or delete items can be scams and are
efforts by the bad guys to either make your machine even more vulnerable to
attack or to destroy it. The best advice has always been to ignore them.

OK, so you go thru to a page that looks like it's run by MS, but who knows?
Look at those "authentic" Barclays and Nat West bank sites asking folk to
confirm pin numbers and other details! (Still the most successful scam, so I

Perhaps another reason to get a Mac??
Well, of course. Or a Linux based machine. Would you really buy a tyre with
a hole in it, or a car that might not turn left on Feb 29th?

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