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bobcoates_uk <bob@...>

Actually was the one I transferred out of and went to

I would agree simplynames were very good, but when it came to the
first renewal time they hiked up the prices quite considerably.
From what I remember as it was some years ago, it seemed like the
prices they advertise, which are similar to others, are
an "introductory offer" and when you come to renew 2 years later they
claw it back then, hoping you won't move on. You had to read the
small print quite carefully to see this.

Not liking being taken in by introductory offers, I moved them all to
1and1, who did not hiked the price when it came to renewal time 2
years later.

1and1 are UK based but have a German parent company. I know they have
a physical UK presence as at work we tendered to supply them with a
load of kit. Didn't get the order :-( but I still use them!

Of course simplynames could have changed their policy in the meantime.


--- In, Tim Atkinson <tim@...> wrote:

I like amongst other things they have a uk based
number (somehwere in Malvern I think) if things go wrong (which is

£10 is the going rate to transfer domains from provider to
provider but
in the case of simply when you register it wit them, they reset
time until you next have to pay for the domain.

I've got somewhere about 30 domains (work and personal) with these
and have had nothing but good service and reasonable prices



edmundbrooke wrote:

I have three domains, all .com.
Yahoo is now charging £35 per annum! is charging £10 to transfer each.
Is this the cheapest/best/other?
Regards Bodger

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