Re: [MH-list] Tens machines

Ernest <ernb@...>

On 23/10/08 14:12, "Michael Hambleton" <> wrote:

no van now, stolen on the 21st with all our gear, everything, including dog
and cat in residence. They were very quick, only 700 metres away in tourist
My sympathies, Mike. Rotten trick in anyone's book. I suppose your dog gave
the thief a good licking. I only hope that the tale will not be compounded
by unnecessary cruelty or violence to your pets.

What van was it? Did it have an immobiliser or alarm fitted? This may make
other owners aware of any shortcomings in their own security.

Mine has a StrikeBack alarm with the text message option. I think that it
may make it easier to track - providing the villains do not wreck the phone

I can only wish you a speedy resolution to your loss either with your van's
recovery in good order, or a sympathetic hassle-free pay out from your

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