Re: [MH-list] Maplin mini laptop

Alan Cocks

geoff_dwsn wrote:
The latest offers from Maplin includes a mini laptop for 139....any comments from list technicbods would be appriciated as to its usefulness in a motorhome for email and general web browsing ...TIA.......Geoff
To borrow from Star wars:
'This is not the laptop you are looking for.....'

I believe it is not intel based (processor). You will be ok as long as you only use what is offered. However, you should not think of it as 'Linux' as normal, as such, although it may in fact be linux os. The usual understanding of linux on an item is that you will (somehow) have a flexibility to use its open-ness to add things or reinstall another flavour. You cannot do this unless the processor is generally supported for different offerings, and that is why an intel (or amd) processor is important (i386).

I bought an ASUS 900 and immediately added ubuntu, also leaving the original xandros in place albeit smaller.

I have the best of several worlds. With a non intel thing such as I believe the maplin item is, you have no flexibility at all, and you are totally at the mercy of the manufacturer for anything at all. Not wise nor comfortable in a very minority market.

caveat emptor
alan cocks
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