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Hi, following on from the extra long email about our power problems, does anyone know where we can get a second hand Leisure battery charger?
Our motorhome electrician says they are £150 new (Ouch!) and suggested Labcraft or Maxview but our ebay and company name searches havent turned up any chargers, its the bit that goes between the mains coming in off a hook up and the engine alternator into the leisure battery so apparently they are all pretty much standard input/output
All help very very much appreciated
Last (New) Sterling prices I saw were
Pro-charge 30A £223.25
Pro-Digital 40A £329.00

IMHO "ouch" does not come into it. You have decided on a lifestyle
that needs battery power. You have invested in Solar panels,
generator, and two 110Ah batteries. To make it all work you either
have to drive more (for alternator charging) Sit in the sun (for Solar
Power) or charge with the generator and a proper charger!

Re secondhand. Consider an old Combi (Inverter/Charger) thats square
wave Inverter output that no one wants. Just use the charger
capability. No I do not know availability.


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