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[Default] On Mon, 20 Oct 2008 19:53:24 +0100, Andy Clarke
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On 20/10/2008 18:10, Elektrickydicky wrote:
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thanks tricky, two of your suggestions gave us a good laugh at least!
And thanks for the reminder that we get back less than we put in, a good point when factoring in our requirements, and your were right, an electrician checked our "caravan mains charger unit "going into the leisure batteries and its faulty so we are looking for a cheap second hand replacement
I concur with Neil, DO NOT get a cheap charger. Get a "proper" charger
rated at about 40 or 50 amps. If you do not you are throwing money
away with fuel.
Where are you based?
I concur with Neill too...

I'm interested to hear that you suggest a 40 to 50A charger, I would
have thought 20 to 30A would be sufficient for 2 110Ah batteries?
The only reason I suggest 40 to 50A is the fact that they are using a
generator, which probably means that it will be used irregularly and
for relatively short periods of time. We should also consider the van
load at the time of charging. If lights are on, computers being
charged etc the amount going into the batteries is reduced. I still
feel 40A would be sensible. Thats a 3 stage charger charging at 14.8v
in bulk and absorption. The generator supply means it would never get
to float. Obviously regular top ups are required at these charging
levels. If on a continuous landline then a 20 amp would probably be
adequate. I would bet a coke that their batteries are well sulphated
and really need a couple of days at 15 volts to give them half a
chance. Batteries in this type of environment do not last! Statements
like 11.9v worry me.


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