Re: [MH-list] Re: Travel Insurance...Post Office scheme.

Ernest <ernb@...>

On 20/10/08 22:06, "Martin Bennett" <> wrote:

His point was that if you need to call on them you do get a Rolls Royce
Point taken, Martin. Only those who claim can tell you if the cover is good,
and insurance companies are absolute masters when it comes to ducking their

My mum took out a with profits endowment when I was a born. The Royal Liver,
I think. It was supposed to pay out about £1,500 when I was 18 to pay me
thru university. She actually got £312, which was less than she had paid in
premiums. There were no profits, they said, because of the war. My
grandfather had a 1d a week policy since he was a baby. He carried on paying
it his whole life. He died a few weeks short of 90 years old. I think they
paid out £22. Same story, more or less, with my parents.

Insurance salesmen are far worse than used car salesmen.

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