Re: [MH-list] Never ending power struggle.

Jenny Wilson <j.wilson@...>

Our Toshiba that died after a year and the Medion we have had for about
two years draw too much power from the 12 volt lead so I always charge
whilst driving (with the laptop off)



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Subject: RE: [MH-list] Never ending power struggle.

We found the same , maplins and comet adaptors didnt fit the dell lappy
so we have to buy one of theirs, but it drains so much power even the
300w inverter wont let it run "live " off the leisure batteries, so the
only way we get online is by charging lappy while driving off the engine
and cigar lighter and 150w inverter arrangement and just using the
laptops own built in battery as sole power source when the laptops are
turned on

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Mon, 20 Oct 2008 08:44:53 +0100Subject: RE: [MH-list] Never ending power

On Mon 20 October 2008 08:29 Fred wroteDell like many, use a power
supply that can't easily be copied, tying you into buying their own 12v
supplies. I was told that no laptop manufacturer will be supplying 12v
chargers from the end of this year. I have also been told that if you
use a generic 12v supply for your lappie it invalidates thewarranty.I
have an auto/air charger from Dell, who are ceasing making them from the
end of this year, and apart from it constantly causing problems, it uses
about the same amount of power as the inverter and 230v charger.Weird I
know, but it's
I have a Dell laptop and use a Kensington Universal 120W Power Adapter.I
think it was Andy who pointed me in that direction rather than using

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