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Si B <musklebunny@...>

thanks tricky, two of your suggestions gave us a good laugh at least!
And thanks for the reminder that we get back less than we put in, a good point when factoring in our requirements, and your were right, an electrician checked our "caravan mains charger unit "going into the leisure batteries and its faulty so we are looking for a cheap second hand replacement

To: Sun, 19 Oct 2008 21:14:20 +0100Subject: Re: [MH-list] Never ending power struggle

[Default] On Sun, 19 Oct 2008 09:38:25 +0100, Si B<> wrote:>Finally in spring and winter, if we were somewhere deserted, away from houses we would run our ultra quiet honda 1000w lpg converted generator from about 6pm to 9pm. Unfortunately the generator is an inverter jobbie and because the sine curve of the ac power is squared off, although we are on230v power; when the jenny runs it Barely trickles any surplus charge into our starved leisure batteries.With a proper charger you could charge them easily.>We can only afford to drive on average 30 miles a day, or about one hour of engine running and we usually charge the laptop whilst we do this which also seems to deny the leisure batteries of more than a tiny trickle of surplus charge from the engine.>Can anyone offer any suggestions for solutions please?1 Get a better mains charger2 Drive more than 30 miles a day3 Do not use so much power.4 Get your charging system checked by a proper autoelectrician,preferably one with marine experience as many autoelectricians knowlittle about leisure battery charging.You can only get out about 75% of what you put in, and you are puttingVERY little in!Richard

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