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Presumably the storm never arrived!

Couldn't for the life of me understand why the lack of a warranty
document should require the setting up of a website to attempt to
resolve the issue. However I can understand the frustration in being
unable to resolve it, but there's always two sides to a story and
we've only heard one of them.

Anyway, I passed by the Lunar stand on Tuesday early afternoon
expecting to see fireworks and it was very peaceful. There were
certainly no signs of the promised demonstration.

Just had a quick glance at motorhomemike's website and it seems to
closed down. I guess either he's resolved the issue with Freedom or
that Pet Human's excellent post hit home.
Dear Rolyjk

Your sentiments are well u/s and, as with most things these days, the
tip of the iceberg is all you see in the public domain.

Thanks for your interest and advice which is helpful.

After discussion with the company, the site has closed. Its closure
pursues my theme of being reasonable in the hope of a favourable

Yours truly


Perhaps motorhomemike can let us know.


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