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Hello All. I have 2 skylights,(fanlights??,i.e. window vents in the
roof,forgive my ignorance!), that weep quite badly in rain,(bucket job),obviously a
DIY job. Need pro help to seal or replace in Cumbria.
Dealers here are tourist hungry for rich pickings!!. Any suggestions for a
good deal?


From a fellow Cumbrian, there's no-one I'd trust in this neck of the woods -
any work that needs doing on my MH (admittedly a Hymer), I take it to Peter
Hambilton at Penwortham, Preston, not cheap, but does a fantastic job.

Originally Peter only carried out repairs on Hymer vehicles, but I noticed
the last time I was there he had a couple of other makes in the workshop.

Have a look at the site address I've given - I've no connection, just a
happy, satisfied customer.



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