Re: [MH-list] Travel Insurance.....did I here this correctly?

Don Madge <don.madge@...>

On Thurs 16 October 2008 16:09 602 wrote

Not campervan related.....until it happens to you.

I had a phone call from my mate this lunchtime, he is on Crete. He should
have been home a few days ago, but his wife is in hospital with a heart
problem. It seems the hospital do not consider her fit enough to fly. "Are
insured?" I ask him. "Yes, but.......!"

As I understand it, his insurers would do NOTHING until they has spoken to
her GP in UK. They have now spoken, and accept that they are going to pay.

Next problem is that (as he understands it) he has to pay up front, and
claim it back when he returns to UK.

What if he hasn't got any money? Tough!

What if he can't afford to stay in a hotel? Tough!

Is this really the way that travel insurance works? His insurers are a
UK bank (or maybe their agents)and the travel insurance is part of a
that he pays for each month.

Can anybody offer any comment?
Hi 602,

This what happens when you buy cheap insurance or like your pal it comes as
a free bee from a bank. It is usually very basic cover and you don't find
out until its too late as you have not read the small print.


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