Re: [MH-list] NEC Yesterday

Ernest <ernb@...>

On 16/10/08 13:45, "Roy Coldrick" <> wrote:

Back on topic I agree with Mike that there did seem to be less business
going on at the NEC and that isn't surprising.
Not wishing to rub it in, but look at Message #90830 from Dec 2007.

I even got the falling oil price right.

Like the hurricane said to the coconut tree, "Hold on to your nuts, this is
no ordinary blow through!"

The people who really got everything right, of course, are those real
scientists who contributed to the Club of Rome Report in 1972. And check out
the graph on this website. (The written bit will chill anyone's bones.)

For those who find it hard going, one of the paragraphs near the end reads:

In the first place, we would reiterate our original message; in the words of
Jay Forrester: "Over the last hundred years, life on earth was dominated by
growth. Growth of population, of production, of income and capital
formation, of exhaustion and pollution. This growth is going to stop and
must stop, and the only question is by what means? Voluntarily, by
government and free will, or through natural processes, which means collapse
and disaster?"

Despite all of the warnings, the money men have pressed on through ever
bigger crises. Is this another warning, or is this the big one?


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