Re: [MH-list] NEC Yesterday

Roy Coldrick


That reminded me of a joke I heard which I believe was told by Margaret

Three people were arguing whether theirs was the 'Oldest Profession'.
First , and most obviously, the Prostitute stepped forward and claimed
what everyone knew, that Street Walkers were the Oldest Profession.
Then the Town Planner stepped up and said that , in his view the oldest
profession had to be the Town Planner because before them there would
have been total chaos
At which point the Economist stood up and cheekily asked - 'But who do
you imagine created the chaos'?

Back on topic I agree with Mike that there did seem to be less business
going on at the NEC and that isn't surprising.



Mind you, the economists and analysts are forecasting a
slump. Being as they are fourth only to astrologers, dice
rollers and oui-ja board operators in the accuracy of their
forecasts, we could be in for another boom.

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