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Roy Coldrick

We also went and we were disappointed.

The parking was disorganised in my view and then the bus into the halls
stopped at the end we didn't want to be, so it meant a long walk through
to the M'van halls and without the Show Guide I am not sure we would
have found our way out! Having said that the stands seemed to be bigger
in the new halls so I suspect the exhibitors are being given more space
for the same money. The accessory stands were more difficult to find and
the ones we went to were grumbling about the layout and the lack of

The worst part was the paying. We hadn't booked in advance because we
weren't sure until the day that Wendy would be up to it so we paid at
the door - with the £2 discount from the C&CC club - and claimed the
'Senior' discount as well. We took our bus passes as proof of age - not
knowing if it was for over 60's or 65's. When we arrived to pay I
presented the girl with the 'proof of age' and she dismissed them
implying that she didn't need to look at that to see we were old!! I
hits you when it happens doesn't it.

Didn't get to see everything by a long way but I did like the Carthago
C-liner. I was also impressed with the inside of the 5th wheeler from
Celtic Rambler although I can't say I saw it as a practical option but I
may be wrong. I did like the Timberland van which we spent some time
looking at and found the chap on the stand to be very helpful and
knowledgeable. Brownhills staff were as Brownhills staff usually are -
read into that what you will!


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Went to the NEC yesterday.

Very quiet, not many visitors.

Buyers lounge where you get free chanpagne if you buy was empty.

Downturn or recession?



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