Re: [MH-list] NEC Yesterday

Ernest <ernb@...>

On 16/10/08 13:00, "Mike Shepherd" <> wrote:

Buyers lounge where you get free chanpagne if you buy was empty.

Downturn or recession?
Did anyone catch the BBC piece from some giant shopping mall in the States?
There was one car in a car park big enough to land a Jumbo in, and only 5 of
the 160 odd shops was open. If that is the shape of things to come, then we
are in for a very lean time indeed.

Mind you, the economists and analysts are forecasting a slump. Being as they
are fourth only to astrologers, dice rollers and oui-ja board operators in
the accuracy of their forecasts, we could be in for another boom.

Let's hope so.

And the GBP is still creeping up against the Euro. Every little helps.

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