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I have been advised by the distributor that the ScanGauge is not
compatible with my 2004 Ducato, though no reason was given.


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"I don't have a scan gauge, but my Fiat Ducato has a MPG logger.
- I can get about 23 MPG on side roads but hammering it at 70 MPG
on the
Motorway I still get 21! - highest MPG seems to be around 25MPG
around at around 30MPG even in town!"

My (older) 2.8 didn't really settle down to a 'fully run in'
condition until
nearly 30,000 miles (yes 30K)! In fact I wouldn't say it
was 'loose' until
40K. Fuel consumption is now between 20 and nearly 30mpg. The lower
on the
motorway and the highest only when taking it very easy indeed. Like
you I
find town driving fairly economical maybe around 26mpg which is
about my
overall average.

This is in complete contrast to my car where town driving is
thirsty and
70mph cruising is very economical indeed.

Best regards

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