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The IVR Fuse Control (for which I and others have provided a link) is
a box (about 2.5 inches square?) installed in the mains supply
wiring, somewhere visible (although as it is very functional looking
ours is in a cupboard). It has a small screen showing your real-time
amps usage, and two buttons +/- for adjustment. You set it to (say)
one amp below the site supply (it would help if all sites gave easy
to find info on this). If you make demands higher than this figure
(eg. switching on a fan heater when other things are also on) it
trips inside the van and this is shown on the display. So you
disconnect (or whatever) the offending (or other) appliance and
reset. Hence you have not caused the site's supply to trip (a couple
of times in the past we have cut out the whole sites supply, always
in the dark and stormy weather of course) and you can easily carry
out the necessary response in the van. Also the device maintains a
constant low current to keep the frig running even when tripped.

I think it is good device(though not cheap when fitting costs are
included if you cannot do diy electrics) ---- I have been surprised
it does not seem to have caught on yet, eg.fitted as standard in some


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what you need is the IVR Fuse Control (from Grade
or order via caravan dealers)
I am intrigued to know what this device is, Chris, or what it does
and how.

Please provide a link.


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