Re: [MH-list] Can you help....logistics.


Hi Neill,

Thanks for that. I don't get on with their website. which does neither
myself nor the ferry company any good.
However, my wife says she is happy, so I'll let her sort it out. At present,
I don't know when, or if, I will be travelling in the near future, but am
bound to go sometime before the end of mext Spring.

I phoned BF today, premium of 10p per minute. They promised to send me a soon as they are available. Then I phoned Transmanche, who told
me to press French. They also said they would send me a brochure, but
said I would have to go onto the internet to get the prices. I said not to
bother, and I didn't bother phoning Sea France. Lets see what my wife comes up



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