[MH-list] Re: What a shock

timsinc Sinclair

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This new Sony e-book is nothing new.
I've been reading e-books for about 10 years, thanks to my Palm PDAs.

Forget the Sony thing, it's far too expensive for an e-book reader.

Your opinion.

It's a fair bit cheaper than the Iliad reader I use everyday. With
constant use you may need to recharge the device maybe only once a
week (unlike pda's or cell phones), the screen sizes are more like
that of a paperback (no squinting or magnifying glass required), the
pages do not need holding down in the wind, it uses what is called
e-ink technology so there is no led screen, and you can have hundreds
of novels and other reading material (news feeds, blogs and more) -
that in their tree-culling version would put your motorhome over the
weight limit - in one device that weighs no more than your Fiat manual.


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