Re: [MH-list] Lunar Lunarcy - gathering storm

timsinc Sinclair

mike.motorhome wrote:
It's good to see that someone has his warranty. I fixed the elbows
myself with sawn-off biro tubes but Lunar doesn't know that.

Pet Human <pethuman@...> wrote:
Mike, I have read every page on your website, and I'm going to offer a
few comments on the whole.....
And excellent they are. This among other really helpful tips and info
is what makes this site so good: folk out there like 'Pet' willing to
spend time sorting out the wheat from the chaff and put into words
what many of us half suspected anyway.

It's good to have confirmed which wooly thought-out campaigns - such
as that in another thread of the petition to No 10 - to avoid.


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