Blackpool parking

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By the way I did have my weekend in blackpool. It was worth it, only for the one hour we watched the lights and the company I was with.
On the prom we found that south of Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum are lots of streets where vans can park up.
The street I picked had 7 vans on, and before dark someone from a hotel came out and took fotos of us all on his fone. Presumably he's petitioning the local council.
Quite why I've no idea as there was lots of space, we weren't causing noise or problems, there were no restrictions and there was spaces left on the road all night. I can only assume he's irate that we don't pay his fees for overnight stays.
Some people hate the thought of others appearing to get something for nothing.
I can't imagine going back to Blackpool in a hurry though. The lights are disappointing now compared to some years ago and I worked out that it was on average every 20 minutes that we saw police or ambulance blue lights, even 4 miles from the centre where we parked on the following night.
Gangs of people roaming the streets with "Neil's 21st Birthday Hog" t shirts and gangs of girls attempting to be the loudest gang on the street and thinking it was funny asking every man they saw "Whaddya think of Eileen's tits?" as Eileen was suitably grossly large in that department.
We spent the Sunday at Formby beach instead but didn't see any red squirrels :(
So thanks for the help and hope my feedback helps, but I won't be going again in a hurry.

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