Re: [MH-list] Lunar Lunarcy - gathering storm


And in a way I think that's a pity, because the Camping & Caravan Club's
survey show an unacceptable level of quality problems in British-made
caravans and motorhomes, which compare very poorly with German models.
Some sort of wider campaign to draw attention to these poor standards is
probably well-justified, but the complaints need to be much better
formulated than yours.

That's my thoughts. Make of it what you will!
I only wish I'd been able to take the time and the trouble to set down my reactions as you have and I hope Mike takes them in the helpful spirit in which they are intended.

I feel desperately sorry for Mike as he's clearly been very upset at the way he feels he's been treated, but I think he is only going to end up more bitter and frustrated than he currently is if he continues on his course of action.


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