Re: [MH-list] Can you help....logistics.

Ernest <ernb@...>

On 13/10/08 06:51, "W3526602@..." <W3526602@...> wrote:

The on-line system seems to be that you tell them when you want to travel,
and they tell you how much it will cost.
I ignore them, 602. On-line booking is a bit like feeling your way thru a
swamp, but look for the sites that have <Earlier Sailing> and <Later
Sailing> buttons. Or, like Sea France, actually give prices against

And then pets are seen as excuses to print money. On Speedferries, a pet
costs £22 extra on top the £29 fare for a car and 5 passengers. They used to
charge £7 e.w. have dropped all their campaigning and are now working
FOR the ferry companies.

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